It all began with classic advertising.

So we founded planetsisa,
an amazing design shop with experts in Packaging-, Corporate- and Publishing Design.


Then TED came into play.

And we learned how to build world class speakers. My School of Talk is a learning experience for one-on-one coachings, corporate public speaking trainings and lectures in Vienna and San Francisco about the magic sauce of a great talk.


The Silicon Valley is an amazing place. Lets explore it and see what a delegation can translate into their home environments and how much actionable content can be extracted in a lifechanging one week Silicon Valley Inspiration Tour through the San Francisco Bay Area.


All together it is about how we can grow, what tools and disciplines it takes to be a gamechanger. Over time, a worldclass network of experts in various fields of creative industries has found their likeminded in a global network. 


Welcome to the IACy - the Innovationagency Network.